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This is a test

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DM Travel Retail unveils new 2015 styling

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DM Travel Retail unveils new 2015 styling

DM_DIRECTORY-2015-annual DM_DIRECTORY-2015-asia-pacific DM_DIRECTORY-2015-cannes DM_DIRECTORY-2015-lm-cari DM_DIRECTORY-2015-middle-est








Here come the girls

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We thought you might like a sneak peek at the 2014 Decision Makers edition covers…





























To make sure your people and products are included in these editions please get in contact

All sold out (again)

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Once again The Decision Makers has proved itself to be the fastest moving publication in Travel Retail – all sold out by Thursday lunchtime in Cannes despite sending even more copies than in previous years. Out of all the magazines on offer its clear that DM is the one that people want to use at the show – and take home afterwards.













Don’t worry if you missed out on a free copy during the TFWA Exhibition – our very simple subscription offers can have either print copies or digital access (or both) on their way to you on a flash – just go to


Only 47 days to go…

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Somehow its already September – and that in the travel retail world means one thing – its going to be time for the TFWA exhibition in Cannes any minute!

For exhibitors its a time of frantic planning for everything from stand design to product selection, marketing plans and of course arranging meetings with buyers and customers from around the world.

At ‘DM Towers’ things are equally crazy – our aim is always to have our directory of the people attending the show as accurate and up to date as possible and that means contacting every exhibitor to check on the team they are taking to Cannes (and which of them should be featured). There is also always the frantic updating of the profile photos, everyone wants to look their best in print!

On top of this of course we have our editors making their picks of the ‘hot’ products that will be on show and our advertising team working with our clients to ensure their latest advertising copy runs directly opposite their company profile and people (something only The Decision Makers can do by the way!). Before we know it we will be off to press and copies of the DM Cannes Showcase will be landing on the desks of the world’s buyers (for free) – they are also available at the show of course.

All the information you need is available here CLICK

If we can help with any aspects of your planning please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Your main contacts are:

Editorial – Tracy Powell

Directory – Franky Woulds

Advertising & marketing – Gideon Knowles

Subscriptions – Amanda Richardson

Anything else – Tony Richardson


Best of luck with the plans for Cannes – we will see you in 47 days!



Our Latin thing

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In a funny sort of way Latin America (and specifically Brazil) was the birthplace of The Decision Makers. Back in 1987-88 as a student with a ‘gap year’ before I was due to start at university my parents sent me off to see a ‘bit of the world’. The options were a) coaching soccer in the US   b) see Europe by train  or c) go to Rio de Janeiro – the decision took less than a minute and, with a friend, I was in Rio two weeks later. Just in time for Carnival – oh boy!!

Now I don’t think I ever sat on Ipanema beach and thought ‘this world needs a directory of travel retailers’ but Brazil was my first contact with duty-free. Our fathers were both in the business and they had asked their contacts at Brasif (now Dufry) to keep an eye on us (mostly this involved keeping our dollars locked away and changing them into Cruzados when the exchange rate was helpful – in 1988 this required considerable talent!). Anyway, once we had survived carnival (just) and got our bearings Brasif gave us our first jobs in duty-free working around the terminal making sure advertising posters were correctly placed and helping visiting brand executives to set up promotions. We also travelled all over the country and across into Paraguay where the team at Mona Lisa made a great fuss of us – the duty-free family we discovered welcomes you wherever you turn up!

After my time in Brazil I travelled on (well, up) to Toronto in Canada and enjoyed several months working for Allders (now Nuance) where Nick Hillyard was in charge. Then when I made it back to the UK my ‘expertise’ in duty-free got me a job at Gatwick airport for a few summer weeks – I can’t recall but I think that was for DFS. I suppose its possible that I had worked for three of the industry’s giants in the space of a year, not a bad start!

Clearly many things have changed since 1988 but my first brush with the friendly folk of South American duty-free has stayed with me – and it reminds you how important the people and personalities in our industry are to making the whole business work so well.

In the next week we will publish our 2013 edition of The Decision Makers Latin America and Caribbean. In effect its the who’s who of South and Central America’s travel retail industry and designed to help win new business and connect buyers and suppliers but as with our other regional editions we know these publications are much more than that – people look up old friends, laugh at old photos, spot someone they worked with years ago…nowadays its called networking but in duty-free circles its nothing new – and Latin Americans are probably still the best at it!



DM Latin America & the Caribbean 2013 edition will be published in mid-July – to order a copy or subscribe to the DM online database please visit our membership section.


Happy days

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Happy days



IMG_0251  IMG_0252

Over the last few weeks the desks of the most important people in travel retail have become adorned with the new 2013 editions of The Decision Makers. We are delighted by the response we have received from all corners of the globe – everyone seems to love the new design and find the directory as fascinating and useful as ever.

We have also seen a huge rise in the number of people downloading our app – this carries a digital version of all current and back issues of DM, and if you are reliant on your iPad, iPhone or any other mobile or tablet device while you travel this is pretty much THE essential resource to have with you. As with the books the app has been upgraded recently, and through our partnership with a single download makes the DMs available on all of your tech – from desktop to mobile.

More information is available here and you can always go direct to App Store too.


The Annual has landed

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The Annual has landed

cover 01 3 04

The publication of DM Annual is a big moment in our year. It’s our flagship issue and after months of hard work its always a joy to see it for real.

Across the travel retail world copies are now landing on the desks (with a bit of a thud); buyers and senior managers at retailers get their copies for free of course, and brand owners and suppliers to the industry receive theirs via subscription.

So, what do you think people do first when they get a copy? Look for themselves of course – and then, we are told, they look for their colleagues, then they look for their business contacts and then most go back to the front of the book and turn page-by-page through the entire travel retail industry. The Decision Makers, of course, is the only place you can see the whole industry in about 20 minutes (if you turn the pages quickly) – and its no wonder that DM books are fixtures in the offices of the industry’s VIPs throughout the year.

This year’s Annual edition is the biggest ever (over 270 pages), features more people from more companies and has the highest level of advertising support. We think the new interior page design gives extra clarity and the cover has a very modern and dynamic feel to it – hopefully, a design step above the other trade titles who have come to rely upon ‘men in suits’, photos of airports or even advertising to grace their covers.

If you don’t get a copy of DM Annual in our mailout (and you think you should have) then please contact us. We have also made ordering copies and accessing our online directory a much simpler affair, just go to our membership page and all will be clear.


Multi-Platform 9 3/4

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2013-05-16 15-05-16.930

We’ve just tried adding up all the ways you can access The Decision Makers’ various services – from the print editions to the online directory, then there are digital editions, the e-bulletins and, of course, the iPad and mobile apps as well – oh, and there’s a host of DM social networks and news feeds. Its a lot more than 9 3/4 anyway…

OUT Now – DM Asia Pacific and DM Annual 2013 – your can order via our membership system here or download the app via App Store and Google Play

Another day, another DM

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While a good slice of the travel retail world are in Singapore for the TFWA Asia Pacific conference the hard work back at DM HQ goes on – our ‘Annual’ flagship edition is on press now in readiness for its launch next week.

This publication is truly the only place where you can ‘see’ everyone of influence in our industry – THE most accurate global directory of the major retailers, operators, concessionaires, suppliers, brands, trade press, associations and service providers – with photos and details of all senior executives. We say its the ‘Who’s Who of Travel Retail’ and to be included, we hope, is recognition of the part that individuals play in our industry’s success.

To see if you made the ‘cut’ you can order a copy of the Annual, or join our membership in just a few clicks, the details are here